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GDPR: Revolution or evolution? Recap since May
By Daphné Moutardier, Counsel and Joseph Srouji, Partner
The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) officially came into force on 25 May 2018 and has more or less lived up to expectations, effectively marking the dawn of a new awareness in data protection. A revolution? Not quite, but close enough.
In the case of France, the GDPR was adopted into French law in August with the modification of the Loi informatique et libertés (French Data Protection Act). Other EU countries are following the same approach, tweaking national legislation to fall in line with GDPR standards.
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Class Action and Data Privacy: an effective deterrent or ill-founded approach to compliance? A comparative look at the US and Europe
By Joseph Srouji and Margaux Dolhem.The class action lawsuit. A word that strikes fear in boardrooms and among executive circles in the US, and one that provokes strong reaction in Europe, mostly negative as a metaphor for a litigation culture run awry. But despite the bad press, the class action has its backers and Europeans policy makers have increasingly come to accept its merits, its potential at least, as a way to extend the arm of government sanctioning authority and more generally to edge companies towards compliance.
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Brave New World of Fines, Myths, and Reality: A French Regulator Perspective
By Joseph Srouji and Marie Veillon. In January 2016, the law firm Baker & McKenzie brought together its European data protection experts for a roundtable in London on how to best prepare for the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), which had just been adopted by political consensus weeks before. A few clients were present, including the author who represented GE Capital — our company was still in fire drill mode from the Safe Harbor earthquake and had not yet given much consideration to the impending challenge that the GDPR presents.
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Class Consciousness: Class Action Arbitration under U.S. and EU Privacy Laws by W. Sapronov and J. Srouji
In recent years, regulators in both the U.S. and the European Union (EU) have been increasingly aggressive in privacy enforcement within their respective jurisdictions. The enforcement trend follows expanded privacy protections adopted by U.S. regulators (such as the Federal Communications Commission’s recently announced “net neutrality” privacy rules, as well as the extra-territorial reach of EU data protection authorities following the invalidation of a trans-Atlantic accord that had governed cross-border privacy protections). This governmental enforcement trend creates a template for class action litigants seeking damages for those same privacy violations under private causes of action.
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Srouji Avocats - In the News
Quelle est la différence entre travailler en cabinet d’avocats et au sein d’une direction juridique ? Quatre responsables juridiques, membres de l’Association de Corporate Counsel Europe (ACC Europe), étaient invités à s’exprimer sur le sujet devant les étudiants du Master II Droit du multimédia et de l’informatique de l’Université Paris II Panthéon­Assas lors d’un "lunch & learn" organisé par les cabinets Srouji Avocats et Avocap 2.2 en partenariat avec ACC Europe.
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Srouji Avocats - Blockchain technology to improve AML compliancy
Des risques de sanctions notables pèsent sur les banques en cas de connaissance imparfaite de leurs clients (KYC), au regard des mesures antiblanchiment pour les sociétés, de la protection des don- nées personnelles pour les parti- culiers avec le règlement européen GDPR en mai 2018. Ces données étant très coûteuses à réunir (lire l’encadré), le cabinet Fairman, spé- cialisé dans le conseil aux banques, a développé Granada, une place de marché de données clients qui s’appuie sur les technologies issues de la Blockchain.
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