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Business Law

Legal support to grow the business

Our lawyers have experience with company incorporation and governance, labour & employment, distribution law, competition law and commercial agents. Given the international scope of many of our clients, we may partner with our preferred lawyers working in relevant jurisdictions (EU, US and China) to ensure our clients receive the best legal support possible. In addition, we offer outsourced general counsel support and secondment assignments for companies that need internal legal support for a brief period of time.


Recent Client Engagement

A UK firm with operations in France called on us to respond to a French employee claiming royalties for artistic creations produced for the company. Our firm was able to analyse the risk for the company and implement a successful strategy to respond to the claim.

French President Macron has made reforming the French labour code one of the priorities of his mandate. He has successfully fulfilled his commitment with a sweeping reform of French labour law, which introduces innovative measures that give businesses greater flexibility and legal certainty while preserving employment advantages such as the 35-hour work week, not to mention capping damages for claims of unlawful dismissal.
The French law “Sapin II” contains several provisions that modified legal dispositions relating to distribution law, most noteworthy being the possibility for contracting parties to complete pluriannual distribution conventions.

Business Law

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