Fees adapted to each client engagement

About our legal fees

Fees are based on a written agreement at the beginning of the client engagement and are invoiced in proportion to the time spent at the agreed hourly rate. The firm also proposes flat fee arrangements depending on the nature of the engagement. Additional fees may also be determined on the basis of results obtained.

Hourly rates are subject to an agreement in advance and depend on the type of engagement (complexity, duration of the case, resources needed, travel ...) and client profil (small business / multinational).
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Example of fees

For an engagement lasting 6 months and requiring a 12 day commitment based on an average of 2 days (on-site) per month, a flat fee arrangement could be concluded for 19,000 € not including applicable taxes. 

For a trademark licensing engagement, a capped hourly fee arrangement could be agreed for trademark strategy, administrative filing(s), and follow up work. 

Our commitment: Billing only value-added work