Anticipating potential litigation is the best way to avoid actual litigation

When negotiation and mediation fails … We assist our clients ward off litigation and, if required, defend their rights in court. While our lawyers are French-bar qualified, we also work closely with UK and US lawyers to ensure global coverage for our international clients.


Recent Client Engagement

Successfully defended our client's interests following claims of IP infringement. We successfully negotiated a settlement in the best interests of our client, a transaction representing a small fraction of the initial claim. In another case, we recently engaged legal proceedings against our client's delinquent party due to breach of contract.

The new international divisions of the Paris Commercial Court and the Paris Court of Appeal (“International Chambers”) offer an attractive alternative for international commercial disputes. The innovative rules of procedure are similar to those in Anglo-Saxon countries and the proceedings take place in English.
Recent reforms of the French judicial system aim to simplify the litigation process and make the civil court systems more accessible. A key change is the merger of the “Tribunal d’instance” (small affairs) and the “Tribunal de grande instance” (more significant affairs).


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