Mergers & Acquisitions


Mergers and Acquisitions

When your business growth strategy requires a business savvy legal team

Our lawyers assist our clients growing their business in France through all stages of a transaction: preparing the business for sale; performing due diligence; negotiating the purchase agreement; executing the closing; and integrating the operations of the resulting business. Our team of multi-lingual and multicultural lawyers are especially adept at partnering with US and UK clients acquiring companies in France. We work closely with tax lawyers and other specialists to ensure every aspect of the acquisition is covered.


Recent Client Engagement

As part of their European expansion, we partnered with a UK company to ensure a successful acquisition of a French company (due diligence, company law requirements, labour & employment issues, administrative filings, contract negotiations...). The acquisition was completed on-schedule and played an instrumental part in our client’s post-Brexit strategy.

With Brexit imminent and coupled with the business-friendly approach of the current French President Macron, many companies are investing heavily in France.
It’s essential to engage an independent firm to complete thorough due diligence on the target company. This includes analysing company by-laws, minutes of shareholder meetings, documentation on corporate reorganisations and annual and interim financial statements, annual reports, employment contracts…

Mergers & Acquisition

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