Technology & Data Protection


Technology & Data Protection

Technology advances continue to disrupt existing business models and challenge the paradigm of our modern financial system

Innovation and adopting technology early can make the difference between business success or failure.

Digital transformation. Blockchain. Artificial intelligence. Technology is transforming the way companies do business. Our practice is focused on partnering with clients so they understand the regulatory and legal implications of adopting technology solutions to drive business growth. We have significant experience in data protection issues affecting large multinational companies (BCRs, policies & procedures, international data transfers, data breach management, training…).


Recent Client Engagement

A US-based company with significant operations in Europe called on Srouji Avocats to be its (external) Data Protection Officer, officially designated in several EU jurisdictions. The role is assured by Joseph Srouji who is able to draw on 15+ years of experience working in data protection: implementing a network of Privacy champions, reviewing and drafting policies and procedures, responding to regulatory queries, assisting with Privacy Impact Assessments, training …

The recent adoption of the “PACTE” law in France establishes a legal framework for digital asset service providers and initial coin offerings (ICOs), and strengthens the powers of the French financial services regulator (AMF) as the official regulator of the crypto industry.
The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) came into effect in May of 2018 and since companies have been rapidly reinforcing their data protection compliance apparatus, including adopting new policies and procedures, creating or updating internal registries, updating third party contracts, reinforcing IT security…

Technology & Data Protection

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