Regulatory & Compliance


Regulatory and Compliance

Regulatory and compliance as enablers

Staying ahead of regulatory requirements and fostering a compliance culture are market differentiators that enable business growth.

With far-reaching compliance laws like “Sapin II” in France, along with the existing and increasingly complex legal framework of anti-money laundering, antibribery and international trade controls, companies face rising enforcement in the US, UK, Europe and other jurisdictions. Managing risk is therefore a top priority for global businesses. We advise clients on how best to mitigate risk while continuing to grow the business.


Recent Client Engagement

For a UK-based international banking brokerage service, we completed regulatory licensing obligations with the French administration to allow our client to grow their business across the EU.

The “Sapin II” Law of 9 December 2016 created the French Anti-Corruption Agency (Agence française anticorruption or “AFA”), which is at the heart of the new French anti-corruption framework.

Recent French law introduces new compliance obligations on companies that meet certain requirements. These requirements include adopting a Code of Conduct, implementing an internal whistle-blower mechanism, risk mapping, conducting third party due diligence, adopting strong accounting controls, introducing a compliance training program, implementing a disciplinary regime and adopting internal controls.

Regulatory & Compliance

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